Terpene Tips is a do it yourself infusion kit that allows you to combine our terpene flavor blends to our rolling tips included in the box. When our terpenes are added to our tips it adds aromatherapy and healing benefits to your smoke as terpenes have multiple healing properties. Our profiles start with our proprietary kush terpene profile and is then blended with all natural flavor terpenes derived from various fruits and plants to give our tips an enjoyable aroma. 

From the moment you open the bottle and start to apply our terpene blends to our tips the aroma will fill the air, activating parts of the brain’s limbic system (also known as the “emotional brain”) which can cause some very profound psychological effects.  This is known as what we like to call  “Terpene Rich Aromatherapy” as each flavor has its own different and unique healing benefits and aroma.


What’s in the box?

The kit comes with one 2 ml bottle of our custom flavored terpene blend and a glass dropper/applicator. In addition, there are 20 pre-rolled filter tips that can be combined with any rolling or cigar paper of your choice.  


How does it work?

You simply apply 1 or 2 drops of our blend onto one of the tips included in the kit and insert into your favorite rolling or cigar paper.  (Click here for instructions.)


Other ways to use our blends :

Our terpene blends are not limited to just infusing our tips.  They can be used in many other applications and infusions. (Click here for more info)


**Rolling paper not included in kit**