About our Terpene blends

Our Terpene blends are food grade, 100% legal and contain no THC or CBD. Our blends start of with a mix of Non GMO organic terpenes and are then blended with all natural flavors to give you an enjoyable aromatherapy experience.


What are terpenes

Terpenes are essential oils made up from a large group of organic compounds that are extracted from a variety of plants, fruits, and are even found in cannabis. These essential oils are used for food additives and flavorings and are widely utilized as ingredients for fragrances in perfumery and alternative medicinal treatments such as aromatherapy.



Essentially our blends were designed to be combined with our tips, however our blends can be used in a variety of different infusions and are not limited to just infusing our tips. Each blend is lab engineered towards an aromatherapy approach opening the door for multiple ways to utilize our blends.

Here are some other ways our blends can be used:

Vape products, rolling paper, flowers, bong / rig water, edibles, and tinctures.